Our Services


Capacity Development for Human Resource departments

We support organisations, human resource departments and/or human resource practitioners strengthen their professional practise of human resource management. As part of our capacity development service we:

  • Develop human resource policies and procedures that are consistent with legislation and provide a fair and flexible work environment
  • Undertake HR audits
  • Design and execute Change management programs

Organisation Structure Design and Review

We assist organisation structures either review or design organisation structures:

  • Which are aligned to the purpose and strategic intent of the organisation
  • That define key activities and group them together to create organisational and operational efficiency, minimise risk and embed control
  • That define job roles that provide clarity, authority, accountability and reporting lines for employees

Performance Management

We take a holistic approach to performance management. We provide a number of services including:

  • Facilitating team-based process mapping exercise to determine the value chain and performance measure for each stage of the process
  • Confirming that the organisation structure is designed to support the value-chain;
  • Developing job profiles that document clear measurable contribution for each individuals role;
  • Developing performance management systems that are integrated with the overall corporate planning and business performance cycle;
  • Developing reward systems that reward performance while at the same time reinforcing the organisations values.



The services provided encompass the financial and non-financial recognition accorded to employees. We support client in developing, costing and implementing reward structures that are competitive within the market in which client does business; are supportive of business strategies; attracts talent and rewards performance in a manner that:

  • Ensure every person recognizes that they need to add value to customers;
  • Ensures employees understand the link between their contribution and the reward they receive;
  • Variable pay is self-financing and
  • Is balanced between financial and non-financial reward.


We design and undertake survey on behalf of clients focused in two main areas:

  • Reward encompassing all factors of remuneration: cash, benefits, variable pay, bonuses, and short and long term incentives
  • Employee Satisfaction, encompassing all aspects of employment.

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