About Us

Our Way of Working

Whilst we recognise that change is the only constant in today’s world, we will remain dedicated to our values and committed to our purpose. We will continuously find way to improve our service delivery, keep ourselves updated in new thinking and grounded in old truths.

We undertake to listen to all our clients and colleagues, understand them, and deliver services and solutions that will address their needs.

We will continuously find ways to improve the delivery of our services. On the odd occasion that we fail to meet our client’ expectations we will acknowledge our failure, minimize any inconvenience and adjust our way of working to eliminate the cause of the failure.

We remain constantly curious, inquisitive, and restless. We will keep up with new thinking in our professional field, finding innovative and creative solutions, so as to continuously add value to our clients and colleagues.

We will provide an environment in which all can freely and responsibly express themselves, be creative, leave a legacy, and have fun.

Most importantly we will work with integrity.

As Three Green Apples Consulting Limited, we strive to remain a great partner to do business with and a great place to work.

Our Team

Susan Kiama - Managing Consultant and Founder
Managing Consultant and Founder
Bilhah Njeri - Associate Consultant
Associate Consultant
Lynn Akinyi - Reward Analyst
Reward Analyst
Natasha Njoroge - Office & Training Administrator
Office & Training Administrator
Woody Kimani - Logistics Officer
Logistics Officer

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