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Recruitment Services

We support Companies identify the most suitable talent by:

  • Understanding the position being filled, the department / functions objectives and priorities and the organisations culture, and working with the client to document the same.
  • Actively source candidates who match the requirements and who would find the opportunity a good step in their career
  • Assess candidates against the requirements of the job profile, skill and competencies requirements; the stated performance objectives; and the fit to the client’s culture.
  • Present an evaluation report for the three to five candidates who demonstrated the closest match to job profile and organisation requirements, highlighting their strengths, noting the gaps and making recommendations how the gaps could be addressed.

This approach to talent acquisition takes time to source, assess and present the most suitable candidates. We normally work with a turnaround time of 30 working days. Our success rate on placement is 92% with 98% of the new hires being confirmed in their roles.

We provide our recruitment services on an administrative fee and success fee basis.

For Individuals looking for employment opportunities, we accept and register your curriculum vitae / resume in our database at no cost to you. To be registered on our database, visit our recruitment portal at www.careers.tgagroupea.com

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